Group Exhibitions

2024 "Art Show at Candid Arts". Candid Arts Trust, London, UK

2024 "Retrospective". Gallerie V, Cambridge, UK

2023 "Burst.LDN Art and Music Night". Amersham Arms, London, UK

2023 "Art Beats Festival". Sunway University. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2023 "Disruption". Lancaster Institute of Contemporary Arts. Lancaster, UK

2023 "Uninterrupted". Gregson Community Arts Centre. Lancaster, UK. By UpNorthArts

2022 "Adaptation". The Storey Gallery. Lancaster, UK. By UpNorthArts.

2021 "Transient". Digital exhibition. Lancaster University. Lancaster, UK. By UpNorthArts

Two-Person Exhibitions

2022 "The Bailrigg Mystery Walk". The Bailrigg forest path. Lancaster, UK. Curated and exhibited

Solo Exhibitions

2024 "Human Jungle". Avalon Cafe, London, UK. Curated and exhibited

b. 2001. Vilnius, Lithuania

Living and working in London, UK


The core of my practice is based on the exploration of the materiality of paint, and the expressive potential of mark-making. I explore these values by drawing inspiration from the natural world and capturing the organic forms; from stones and trees to weather and animal anatomy. In its roots, my practice reveals my deep fascination with this world.

When making my work, I question ‘what is natural?’ by exploring elements such as geological and plant for­mations, as well as human and animal bodies. Once the subject is identified, it is deconstruct­ed into absolute forms. These shapes are created by merging different bodies together that exist within the natural world, later incorporating independent visual elements developed during my practice.

Eventually, I use these forms to construct narratives on various non-visual concepts in the natural world, particularly human and animal emotions and the cycles of natural ener­gies such as weather, life, and death.

Through portraying these subjects and forms, I emphasize the ethereal chemistry inherent in the magic of painting. My aim is to stimulate animalistic emotions within myself and those who experience my art. I strive to create a world that reflects our own natural world, helping us experience it on an emotional level.